Sunday, April 29, 2012


I started to follow a few wonderful blogs that I try to read on a weekly basis. They have changed my soul, touched me deeply, and helped me count my many BLESSINGS!!!!!

They all have a few things in common:

- No doubt you will shed a few tears

- You will become a stronger, more optimistic person by reading about these struggles and triumphs

- Life will seem more important..each moment, each memory

- You will learn something, and hopefully pass something along

- There are some really huge "fighters" out there, and some really caring people left in this world

 1) A burned victim who just gave birth to a new baby girl
 2) An Australian mother who lost her child and her husband within 3 months of each other
 3)  A family involved in an auto accident due to a guy being under the influence. They lost their son and struggle with severe medical problems daily
 4) A personal friend of mine whose son swallowed a button battery
5)  A mother who lost her 7 mo. old and is encouraging people to be organ donors
 6) A mother of 2 who is battling stage 4 cancer. I saw her video first and couldn't help but follow her

How depressing, right? Well, at first I started to think about these people daily; pray for them, worry about them, learn to love them - even though I have never met some of them. In actuality, these people all have God by their side. They are doing good by sharing their story. They are strong, beautiful children of God that are teaching me how to live a better life through strength and happiness. I appreciate their stories, and I hope you gain something by reading them as well.

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